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MDF Board Wholesale

Your trusted destination for wholesale Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). As a leading manufacturer-direct supplier based in China, we specialize in providing high-quality MDF boards for various applications. Our wholesale services are tailored to meet the needs of wholesalers, distributors, contractors, builders, retailers, and manufacturers in the construction and woodworking industries.

Competitive Bulk Pricing

Optimize costs and maximize your profitability. Our wholesale model is designed to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Unparalleled Quality

Each board is meticulously crafted using high-grade materials, ensuring long-lasting durability and exceptional performance in your projects.

Customization Possibilities

Whether it's a specific thickness, size, or surface finish, we offer flexibility to ensure our MDF boards align with your woodworking and construction needs.

Product Showcase

MDF Board Wholesale from China

Rest assured that our MDF boards are crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring consistency, stability, and a smooth surface for various applications. Our MDF is suitable for a wide range of woodworking and construction projects.
MDF Door Skin
Standard MDF
Construction: Flooring, Doors, and Windows
Melamine MDF
Melamine MDF
Decorative Applications: Moldings & Trims, Wall Panels
Veneered MDF
Veneered MDF
Furniture making: Cabinets, Shelves, Tables, and Chairs

Wholesale Services

MDF Board Wholesale Manufacturer

Partner with Goodwood for your MDF board wholesale needs and elevate your projects with premium-quality, cost-effective solutions. We look forward to building a successful partnership with you in the dynamic world of construction and woodworking.

OEM & ODM Services

You can customize your boards with various sizes, thicknesses, and finishes, aligning them with your brand's specifications and unique identity. We can turn your design concepts into your vision.

Quality Control

Prioritizes quality through careful material selection, skilled craftsmanship, rigorous quality testing, and your feedback to ensure your products consistently exceed the highest industry standards.

Timely Delivery

Offers a comprehensive shipping service that includes tailored solutions, international shipping expertise, on-time deliveries, and tracking support, all aimed at ensuring timely delivery.

Manufacturing Process

MDF Board Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard) involves several steps to create a versatile and widely used engineered wood product.

Fiber Preparation

The first step in MDF manufacturing is the preparation of wood fibers. Wood chips from various wood sources are debarked and chipped into small pieces.

Fiber Drying

After refining, the wood fibers contain a significant amount of moisture. The fibers need to be dried to create a stable and consistent MDF product.

Forming the Board

Once the fibers are dried, they are mixed with synthetic resin and wax. The synthetic resin acts as a binder, and the wax helps lubricate during formation.


After forming, the MDF board is trimmed to the desired size and thickness. The boards are then cooled and sanded to achieve a smooth surface.

How To Order

5 Easy Steps To Order MDF Board Wholesale

01. Form Submission

Submit your inquiry by completing the inquiry form on our website, and our dedicated support team will connect you with an expert agent.

02. Bespoke Tailoring

Let us know your specific MDF board requirements, including size, quantity, and any customization preferences you have.

03. Sample Approval

Goodwood will produce a sample based on the confirmed CAD drawings and seek your approval before proceeding with the order.

04. Order Confirmation

After finalizing the design and options, Goodwood will provide a proforma invoice based on your custom drawings. Upon your approval, proceed with the payment of the deposit and provide a copy of the bank receipt to start production.

05. Inspection and Shipment

Goodwood will arrange a thorough inspection of the finished products to ensure they meet the required quality standards. Once they pass the inspection, they will be prepared for shipment to your designated location.

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Thank you for choosing Goodwood as your MDF board wholesale supplier. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project!