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We are dedicated to delivering excellence to our wholesale customers and trade experts who demand the best design and functionality. Our manufacturing hub is in Shanghai, China, where we craft each barn door with premium materials to ensure durability, unwavering reliability, and undeniable beauty.

Value That Impresses

We believe in offering exceptional quality at prices that empower you to boost your margins without compromise.

Tailored for You

Do you need unique dimensions or specific finishes? Our adept artisans are ready to deliver custom solutions that fit your every need.

Superior Materials

We select premium natural wood for its timeless beauty, glass for its sleek transparency, and eco-friendly PVC for its durability and environmental friendliness.

Product Showcase

Interior Barn Doors Wholesale

Explore our thoughtfully curated collection of doors, each crafted with precision and care to create a masterpiece. Choose from sliding, hinged, or bi-fold options to find the perfect match for your needs. Our exquisite hardware selections include robust tracks and elegant handles, among other options, to ensure a seamless completion of your project.
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Wholesale Services

Barn Doors Wholesale to Trade Business

Partner with Goodwood for your wholesale barn door needs and elevate your offerings with high-quality, stylish, and competitively-priced barn doors. We look forward to building a successful partnership with you in the dynamic world of home improvement and interior design.

Stock & Bespoke Orders

We respond to market needs with agility, maintain a rich inventory, and pride ourselves on our artisanal custom creations.

Product Design & Creation

No project is too grand or intricate for our team. Challenge us with your vision, and watch us bring it to life with unparalleled detail.

Speed & Precision Delivery

Our dedicated customer service and logistics teams ensure your orders are processed, perfected, and promptly delivered.

Manufacturing Process

Steps In Our Barn Door Manufacturing Process

The barn door manufacturing process involves several steps to create high-quality and durable barn doors. Attention to detail and craftsmanship are essential to create barn doors that are visually appealing but also sturdy and functional for years to come. Here’s an overview of our manufacturing process:


Material Selection

We start by handpicking premium materials from sustainable suppliers. From high-quality woods to durable metals, each component is chosen for its strength and visual appeal.

Barn Doors Wholesale - Material Selection

Design and Prototyping

Crafting innovative barn door designs that seamlessly blend timeless appeal with modern functionality. Prototypes undergo rigorous testing to ensure perfection.

Barn Doors Wholesale - Material Selection

Cutting and Shaping

Utilizing cutting-edge machinery, our skilled craftsmen meticulously cut and mill the selected materials, ensuring every piece conforms to exact dimensions.

Barn Doors Wholesale - Cutting and Shaping

Joinery and Assembly

Our skilled artisans expertly assemble the door components using traditional joinery techniques. Each joint is crafted with precision to ensure robustness and longevity.

Barn Doors Wholesale - Surface Finishing

Primer Application

A primer is applied to the prepared surface. The primer helps create a strong bond between the surface and the paint and enhances paint adhesion.

Barn Doors Wholesale - Surface Finishing

Paint Application

Once the primer is dry, the custom paint color is applied. Depending on the desired finish. Multiple coats may be applied to achieve the desired color intensity and coverage.

Barn Doors Wholesale - Paint Finish

Quality Inspection

Once the paint is completely dry and any additional coatings have been applied, the barn doors undergo a quality inspection to ensure the finish meets the desired standards.

Barn Doors Wholesale - Quality Inspection

Packaging and Shipping

After the quality inspection, the barn doors are carefully packaged to avoid any damage during transportation. They are then shipped to their destination, ready to be installed.

Barn Doors Wholesale - Packaging

How To Order

5 Easy Steps To Order Barn Doors Wholesale

01. Form Submission

Submit your inquiry by completing the inquiry form on our website, and our dedicated support team will connect you with an expert agent.

02. Bespoke Tailoring

We provide detailed CAD drawings based on your requests, including door size, grain direction, surface finish, and other customizations.

03. Sample Approval

Goodwood will produce a sample based on the confirmed CAD drawings and seek your approval before proceeding with the order.

04. Order Confirmation

After finalizing the design and options, Goodwood will provide a proforma invoice based on your custom drawings. Upon your approval, proceed with the payment of the deposit and provide a copy of the bank receipt to start production.

05. Inspection and Shipment

Goodwood will arrange a thorough inspection of the finished barn doors to ensure they meet the required quality standards. Once the doors pass the inspection, they will be prepared for shipment to your designated location.

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Thank you for choosing Goodwood as your barn doors wholesale supplier. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project!