Wood Mouldings Manufacturer

Wood Mouldings Manufacturer

Wood Mouldings

Goodwood Advantages

Wood Mouldings Factory Direct

At Goodwood, we believe in delivering the best value to our customers, and that's why we offer unbeatable factory-direct prices for our premium wood mouldings. As a leading wholesale wood mouldings manufacturer in China, we have eliminated unnecessary intermediaries, allowing us to pass on significant cost savings to our valued wholesale buyers.

Factory-Direct Pricing

By eliminating intermediaries and working directly with manufacturers, we bring you wood mouldings at factory-direct prices.

Top-Quality Manufacturing

We use only the finest materials, ensuring that each piece showcases natural wood's beauty while perfectly complementing your designs.

Global Clientele and Trust

Our commitment to delivering exceptional wood moulding solutions has earned us the trust and satisfaction of our customers.

Product Showcase

Wood Mouldings Manufacturer Wholesale

We take immense pride in providing exquisite wood moulding solutions for the architectural woodworking, cabinets, doors, and buildings at factory-direct prices. As a leading wholesale supplier in China, we have established ourselves as a reliable and trusted partner for wholesale buyers seeking premium wood mouldings.
Unfinished Wood Mouldings
Unfinished Wood Mouldings
Door and window trim, crown molding, baseboard trim, and chair rail trim.
White Primed Wood Mouldings
Prefinished Wood Mouldings
Door and window trim, crown molding, baseboard trim, and chair rail trim.
Gesso Finish Wood Mouldings
Customization Options
Door and window trim, crown molding, baseboard trim, and chair rail trim.

Wholesale Services

Custom Wood Mouldings Wholesale from China

For larger or customized orders, we welcome you to request a personalized quote tailored to your specific requirements. Click the “Request a Quote” button, and our dedicated sales team will promptly get in touch with you to discuss your needs and offer a competitive quote.

Extensive Product Range

Whether you require mouldings for the architectural woodworking, cabinets, doors, or buildings, our comprehensive product range ensures you find the perfect fit for your clientele.

Customization Options

Our customization options allow you to personalize our wood moldings' design, dimensions, and finishes to match your exact specifications that cater to your customer's unique needs.

International Shipping

We have extensive experience in shipping our products worldwide. Our logistics team ensures safe and reliable delivery to your destination, no matter the order size or location.

Manufacturing Process

Steps In Our Wood Mouldings Manufacturing Process

Our step-by-step process involves a combination of craftsmanship and modern techniques to create exquisite wood mouldings that elevate your designs. Here’s an overview of our manufacturing process:


Wood selection

High-quality softwood or hardwood lumber is selected for the production of mouldings. The wood is chosen for its straight grain, minimal defects, and ability to take paint well.

Wood Mouldings Manufacturing Process - Material Selection

Kiln drying

The selected wood is placed in a kiln for controlled drying to reduce its moisture content. Proper drying is essential to prevent warping or cracking in the finished mouldings.

Wood Mouldings Manufacturing Process - Drying and Conditioning


After drying the wood, undergo thorough sanding to achieve a smooth and flawless surface. This enhances the appearance and prepares the wood for the finishing process.



The mouldings are coated with a white primer, which serves as a base for the final paint finish. The primer helps to seal the wood and create a smooth, even surface for the paint.


Second Sanding

The mouldings undergo a second round of sanding. This step is crucial to refine the surface further and remove any imperfections or rough areas from the first coat.

Second Sanding

Second Priming

This additional primer layer enhances the wood’s seal, ensuring the paint adheres well and protects against moisture and other environmental factors.

Second Priming

Quality Control

The mouldings undergo a thorough final inspection. Qualified inspectors meticulously examine each piece for any defects or inconsistencies.

Wood Mouldings Manufacturer


They are sorted, bundled, and carefully packaged to protect the finished products during transportation and storage, ensuring they reach customers in excellent condition.


How To Order

5 Easy Steps To Order Wood Mouldings Wholesale

01. Form Submission

Provide us with essential details about your project requirements, such as the type of mouldings, quantity needed, wood species, and any specific customization requests.

02. Bespoke Tailoring

If you require bespoke wood mouldings, we collaborate with you to create custom designs, dimensions or finishes that perfectly match your project requirements.

03. Sample Approval

Once the bespoke tailoring is complete, we create samples of the wood mouldings based on your specifications. These samples are then presented to you for approval.

04. Order Confirmation

We provide a detailed order confirmation outlining the agreed-upon specifications, quantities, pricing, and delivery timeline. Review the order confirmation thoroughly to ensure everything aligns with your requirements.

05. Inspection and Shipment

Before shipment, each wood moulding undergoes a rigorous quality inspection to meet our stringent standards. We check for defects, inconsistencies and verify that the mouldings conform to the approved samples.

Request A Quote

Thank you for choosing Goodwood as your Wood Mouldings wholesale supplier. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project!