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Product name:All View PVC Plantation Shutters in Snow White

Material:Foamed extruded PVC, completely recyclable material

Size:As per drawing

Feature:Like wood but no weakness of wood

Color:Regular color white, off white, classic white and raw, customized color available

Leadtime:Normally within 14days for the first container based on our regular profiles, thereafter every 7-10 days per container

MOQ:One 20ft container mixed with regular profiles

Payment:TT or LC subject to our further discussion

Certificate:SGS lead-free test report
Bi-fold Vinyl Shutters: this kind of shutters more suitable for a room dividers & covering a sliding door. this one is similar as the Sliding Shutters, but for Bi-fold shutters, if you don't want with the track, wheels, you aslo can choose linked by Hinge. Goodwood can do that.

Material for this Item
Solid Foam PVC ( aslo called: Fauxwood, Poly, plastic, vinyl & Plastic )

Available Shutter Color
Mainly for White Series( White, Classic White, Off White ) other color can be OEM, but has MOQ limit )

Shutter Shape Available
Regular Shape, Oval, Circle, Arched Shutters, Octagons, Hexagons, Sunburst Elongated etc

Profile Shape Available
2.5’’/3.5’’/4.5’’Blade/Louver(Reinforced), Rail ( Narrow or Divider Rail), Stile( Square, Rabbeted, Astragal), Frame( Z frame, L frame, Colonial frame, Bullnose Z frame ) Tilt Rod( Invisible or visible tilt rod), Hole Strip, other all necessary Aluminium fittings and mental accessories

Application place
Modern Office, Cafe Room, Home, Factory, especially suit for the Damp area, such as: Kitchen, Bathroom

Flexible Order in Goodwood
Made up PVC Shutters & Shutter Components are available

Existing Market

Bi-fold Plantation Shutters contain shutter panels that are hinged together and therefore fold against each other, similar to a closet door. Panels can be free hanging or used with a track, which helps to guide and support the panels. Bi-fold panels can be configured to where panels open all to one side or to where they open to both sides of the door. Each configuration has its benefits. The shutter size and style can be oem. 

①Interior Vinyl Shutters over sliding glass doors - L,L,R,R

②Interior Vinyl Shutters over sliding glass doors - L,L,L,L

③Interior Vinyl Shutters over sliding glass doors - R,R,R,R

For the details information of compose components please click the follows link

Other Material Available
Wooden ( Basswood in Paint or Stained)

Wooden shutters are fashionable timber shutter, more traditional and close nature. All the material are from the secondary forest which will do not harm to the environment and our life.

Seven reasons why using plantation shutters

Vinyl shutters Features

Wooden Shutters Features

1. Fire resistant and self extinguishing
2. Non-toxic; No warping, bending, cracking, splitting or chipping
3. Anti Static, No Lead, Paintable
4. Anti UV light, moistureproof can be used widely in humid area, such as kitchen, bathroom, balcony etc
5. Waterbase painting will be eco-friendly to the environment

Example photos of this style

 If the above products can not meet your demands, pls don't hesitate to let us know. Custom-made service is available. 

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